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Spa procedures

Spa procedures

“Paradise" – the full  SPA program for face and body, based on algae cosmetics. Algae have incredibly rich mineral content, and iodium contained in algea activates and regulates the process of fat burning, assists in toxins eliminating, sweat secretion and weight losing. It also mineralizes and moisten skin. It has powerful anti- cellulite effect. Program:

- Sauna

- “Inspiration” face SPA program

- Body peeling

- Body wrap with algae

35 000 tenge; 180 min.


"Aroma massage" - Wonderful session for removing physical and mental exhaustion. Massage with indeed magical Thai oils. You will get pleasant relaxation and inimitable oil odour will follow you after the procedure.


- Sauna

- Body peeling

- Biomask wrap

- Classic relaxing body massage with aroma oils

 25 000 tenge; 120 min.


"ANTI-AGE" – Full SPA lifting program for face and body with the use of effective algae cosmetics. Algae and marine plants essence facilitate the process of retardation of aging. Specific Thai massage technique enhances the density of the skin, fill deep wrinkles.


- Sauna

- Biomask wrap with blue clay and marine plants essence

- Lymph – drainage face and body massage

- SPA procedure maintains youthful anatomical structure and function.

35 000 tenge; 180 min.


"The secret of Gracefulness" – At any age and at all times people desire to keep fit and be graceful. Elaborately designed complex of anti-cellulite procedures will help you to lose excessive weight, to improve skin tightness and make it radiant and silky.


 - Sauna

 - Salt cream – scrub “ Deep-Sea Tangle”, that prepares your skin to active agents perception

 - Anti – cellulite wrap with the use of biomask ant thermo- shorts

 - Anti – cellulite massage with the use of Fucus oil

 - Application of anti – cellulite effect – fixing cream with luminaires essence.

 25 000 tenge; 150 min.


"Chocolate against orange peel" – Chocolate wrap – delicious and healthy dainty for your skin. Full SPA procedure for body care has powerful anti- cellulite effect, stimulates the process of lipolysis, smoothes and corrects silhouette.

Chocolate wrap has a warming effect, extending peripheral vessel it accelerates microcirculation.


 - Sauna

 - Body sugar scrub

 - Biomask and thermal wrap «Hot chocolate»

 - Anti – cellulite massage with application effect fixing cream

 25 000 tenge; 150 min. 


"Thai Daydreams" – complex of SPA – procedures for face, hair and feet

 - Improves blood circulation, makes your skin soft, smooth and radiant

 - Coconut oil strengthens hair roots, regenerates its structure, accelerate the growth

 - Put feet tension, swelling and fatigue away

 - Thai cosmetics aroma and luscious relaxing music will refresh your mind and awaken emotions


Combined with traditional Thai massage gentle skin peeling, vitamin enriched mask, head massage with coconut oil, peeling and foot massage
27 000 tenge; 120 min


"Bounty" – Coconut oil aroma, the wash of the waves and our therapists’ gentle hands will carry you into “the country of smiles Thailand…” 100% natural coconut oil has the unique  quality of beneficial effect of the skin, relives irritation, giving you instead silky skin.


Body peeling, head and body massage, in the end of the session the therapist puts tender coconut butter on your body.

27 000  tenge; 130 min.