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Welcome to the Thai Spa...

                The World of Harmony and Enjoyment... The World of Body and MindFreedom...

 We are opening the doors to this mysterious world...!


 - Thai massage - a coherent system of invigoration, which includes a wide range of modalities, such as deep intensive pressure on the muscular tissue, passive exercises, yoga-like poses, reflexology, stretching, opening the joints, activating the energy flow in the body, acupressure. 

- The roots of Thai massage originate from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing, and from Chinese medicine, the oldest one in the world. History of Thai massage dates back about 2500 years, and today it is still very popular all over the world, in the same way as a century ago! 

- Spa – is a way of body healing and relaxation. The positive effect of Spa-procedures is achieved due to special products, which are to improve the body's metabolism, improve blood circulation, remove toxins and excrete. 

- In the Thai Spa you will take a closer look at traditional Thai massages: Oil Massage,

- Traditional Thai Massage,

- Stone Massage,

- Massage with Grass Pouches,

Foot Massage ... and at a wide range of Spa programs, anti-stress programs for men and women...