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Our masters

Our masters

Mrs Siripremkun Yaowapha is a Master of traditional thai massage,with more than 10 years experience.She was trained in Provincial Chief Medical Officer(Nakhonratchasima).Great experience in such countries as South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia.

Mrs Meemuan Pornchai is a Master of yoga and foot massage,with more than 7 years experience in the best hotels and spa centers of Thailand.She is good in head massage too,which helps to avoid headaches. 

Mrs. Chutimas Manowan is a Luxury Spa therapist and Traditional Thai Massage master with 20 years’ experience. She studied in National Institute of Thai Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand.

She gained the experience in Southeast Asia countries, CIS and Europe countries. The previous working place was Thai Priveledge Spa, a branch of International Network of Spa Salon.